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Why Unity Escrow, Inc?

As we strongly believe in executing and delivering the best results, there are several factors that make Unity Escrow, Inc. a reliable and trust worthy resource for your real estate transaction. Not only are we determined and motivated to provide excellent escrow services, we uphold the following core values that build clients’ confidence and satisfaction:

Core Values

Accountability and safety

The benefit of using an independent escrow company is the fact that we are licensed by the State of California, California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI) formally known as Department of Business Oversight (DBO) as well a member of the Escrow Agents Fidelity Corporation, whereas other companies aligned with title companies are only licensed through the Department of Insurance. Our company is kept accountable through regular financial audits to ensure compliance with the DFPI., and employees are required to pass background check governed by the EAFC through live scan fingerprinting required by the FBI and DOJ. As a member of the EAFC, consumers are protected through a $5 million fidelity bond.

Dedication and honoring commitments

Our reputation of always “being on top of our game” comes from using our time efficiently and precisely to meet requirements and deadlines for a smooth close of escrow. Clients feel confident and reassured that their escrow is in good hands during what could be a cumbersome and tedious process. When we commit, we commit!

Building personal and professional partnerships with clients

When most people think of escrow, they think of unending paperwork, paperwork, and more paperwork. What they don’t see is what occurs “behind the curtain” to retrieving and processing these necessary documents to the appropriate parties. We find, that behind all the technicality of the escrow process, the establishment of a strong rapport with lenders, agents, brokers, insurance companies, title reps, and consumers makes the escrow process much quicker and easier…not to mention more pleasant as well!

Providing unbiased third-party guidance during escrow

Although this is a standard job of the escrow holder, often times escrow officers find themselves favoring certain clients by providing malicious or even illegal acts to benefit their needs. Here at Unity Escrow, we find it our duty to act as the neutral third-party only! We want to ensure that all parties are treated with the same candor and respect, while at the same time provide unbiased advice and guidance appropriately and legally to complete a valid transaction.


Unity Escrow, Inc. is fully aware of all the numerous types of fees that are included in a purchase or refinance transaction. Closing costs can sometimes be burdensome to sellers and buyers that may have financial hardships and/or debt. Our affordable fees make our clients more at ease due to our honesty and lack of endless list of “garbage” fees. Fee and service satisfaction contributes greatly to our loyal repeat-client base. Unity Escrow, Inc. also does occasional promotions and discounts for repeat clients.


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