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Hello our dear community, clients, associates and friends,

We have a mission!  Close the Deal!

Be the positive solution to our community, a wealth to surrounding families and be the instrument of the sanctity of the contract.

We wake up every morning to be at your service; to commit to safe, secure transactions to close quickly and correctly.

I thank all of you who work with us in the past, present and in the future; we exist only because of you and your kind referrals.

My background is in commercial real estate, escrow, 1031 exchange with life experiences in restaurant management, retail business ownership, logistics, design and manufacturer of RFIC semiconductor design of analog circuits for Samsung, Korea Telecom, Nokia and have promoted engineers to Broadcomm and Qualcomm companies. 

Today our office with a history from 1999 and officers with experiences of over 3 decades in the Escrow Field and into the future; billions of dollars of asset entrusted to us we stay fudiciary through the ups and downs of the ever changing market.


Our leadership involves consistent experience not only in the Escrow Services but wealth of other service and production oriented experiences with the knowledge that our clients come first.

We appreciate all the diverse clients that come through our doors.

With all the success; we as a team here at Unity Escrow Inc. we know giving back to the community is just as important as the service we offer.

Joseph Cho ;  boss is the leader & servant